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SANKARANKUTTY MOHAN: A Supplier’s Perspective

29 November, 2016

Sankarankutty Mohan is the Business Development Manager at the Afroworld Group, one of the suppliers of Assistive Technologies (ATs) in Botswana with probably one of the largest portfolio of AT types or categories. Sankarankutty was one of the participants at the workshop of AT suppliers held in on 11 November 2016.

We select some of the best quotes regarding his personal views about the AT-Info-Map project and/or the App itself, as follows:

  • There is need to carry out an in-depth research to establish the common needs of AT users, and that research needs to start from grassroots. The findings would then help Government’s

  • AT procurers about specific AT needs to be included on their list, as much as it would also help the suppliers, rehabilitation officers and specialists.

  • There is a gap in communication between rehabilitation officers or specialists on one hand, and the suppliers on the other hand, with regards to the AT requirements for their clients. This gap needs to be filled through, among other things, awareness of existing ATs at all levels and enhanced coordination between rehab officers or specialist and suppliers.

  • The AT awareness program needs to be manifested at all levels. The AT-Info-Map project needs to find ways on how it can reach, for example, suppliers, hospitals and end-users. There is need to ensure that more suppliers are strategically targeted or involved in the project so as to document their individual opinions regarding the App.

  • It cannot be something (the uptake) that can be achieved within a fortnight. The more the suppliers are involved the more the App (the project) will gain momentum over a period of years.