Get Involved


Whether you are company, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), a Disabled People's Organization (DPO), Government, a professional, a politician, a student, there is always a way you can get involved with our work. Here are some of the ways:

1.Subscribe to our Newsletter mailing list

Joining the SAFOD Disability Frontline List will help you to learn more about Assistive Technology in Southern Africa, and how the AT-Info-Map App can help in (eventually) increasing access to AT. As a subscriber of the mailing list, you will from time to time receive disability related news, including the dedicated AT-Info-Map Bulletin which focuses on news and events related to the At-Info-Map project and assistive technology in general. Subscribe here»

2. Spread the word

You can help us spread the word by sharing information and articles related to assistive technology in Southern Africa and beyond published on this site to friends and colleagues or anyone you may know or not know. Share our story on Twitter and Facebook, and link to us on LinkedIn. We have made it even easier by providing shareable links on many of our pages. With your help, we can together spread the word and raise awareness about AT.

3. Become a partner

We are always looking for partners who we can collaborate with and achieve synergy in our mission to ensure that we increase access by persons with disabilities to assistive technology in the region. Partners may be line government ministries/departments, relevant government agencies, AT suppliers, community workers, AT specialists, companies/private sector, academia, and any other stakeholder directly or indirectly working in the AT sector. Please feel free to contact us, we are always open to discussing ways we can meaningfully work together in this project.

4. Volunteer for SAFOD

Learn the different volunteer programmes or openings that may become available in all the ten locations where AT-Info-Map project is implemented. Depending on the need and nature of tasks, there may also be opportunities to volunteer with us online without having to physically travel or stay with us. You can also learn more about SAFOD's volunteer approach here»..

5. Donate.

Your donation - whether in cash or kind; whether materially, financially or morally; whether through volunteering of your technical skills, etc. - will help us focus on the project deliverables with minimal resources (Hey, resources are never enough, remember!) while at the same time increase our impact in the communities we work.o:p>

You may also get involved with our fundraising efforts wherever you are, if you believe in the work that we do. If you have some fundraising ideas, we are always keen to listen! Learn more about out needs here»